Birmingham Fostering

Here at Elite Fostering, we cover all different areas around the West Midlands, including Fostering in the Birmingham area. If a career in achieving the best possible outcomes for children and young people alike is your goal – then you’re where you need to be.

During your career with Elite Fostering, you will become very familiar with our values. Over time, & once you’ve established a relationship with your foster child you’ll understand why we do the work we do. Many of our foster children have come from challenging backgrounds, which can at times be hard for both parties involved. You will see just how strong these children can be, & we’ll be sure to and we will be there to support you through the good and the not-so-good times.

The need for foster carers within the Birmingham area is growing rapidly and we are dedicated to recruiting local foster carers. So, if you’re living in Birmingham or the surrounding area and looking to pursue a career in fostering – we are keen to hear from you.

A Birmingham Fostering Agency with Fantastic Standards

We train all our foster carers to the highest standards, no matter where you’re based. You can expect regular mandatory face-to-face training, as well as online. If you’re living in the Birmingham area you can look forward to providing the highest quality of care to the children in your community that need it.

We pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates in the Foster Care Industry. Including extras like; Loyalty Bonuses, Holidays & Respite. For our foster children. Also, you can expect allowances for; Travel, Religious Festivals, Holidays & Birthdays.

Who can Foster

Elite Fostering supports diversity widely, like our foster children – we are all different. Therefore, we welcome any culture, ethnicity & background. As long as you meet our criteria, you can look forward to a career with us.

Our Criteria

Must be at least 21 years of age.
You will need a spare bedroom.
Be committed to providing a secure, safe, nurturing, and caring home and environment for a young person or child in need.
Applicants can be employed or unemployed
Single or coupled.
You will need a strong support network of friends & family
You must pass a Barring and Disclosure Service check, a screening assessment, a positive and detailed Form F assessment, and a positive recommendation from the Fostering Panel and agreement from the Agency Decision Maker.

Do you live in Birmingham and want to learn more about what is fostering?. We provide training and support to foster carers in the Birmingham area, as well as competitive fostering allowances.

Need for Foster Carers in the Birmingham area

When children are removed from their families and moved to foster families, they undergo a lot of emotional turmoil. Here at Elite Fostering, we make it a priority to match a family within their area. This is in an effort to support the transition in the best way we possibly can. If a child is able to stay in their local school and be able to see their friends, it can really help the child through an already difficult time in their lives.

This can only be achieved by recruiting foster carers in the local areas. If you are someone who is looking to become a foster parent in the Birmingham area, please contact us.

We also cover the following areas: