Emergency foster placements are:

Where foster carers are available to offer a foster placement at short notice, 24 hours a day. These placements are made usually with very little preparations. Children and young people placed in emergency placements usually move out to a short-term placement or move to birth or extended family members.

Short term foster placements are:

Where children and young people are matched with a foster carer who supports them for days, weeks, months, or sometimes more than a year, whilst decisions are being made in respect of their permanency plans.

Long term foster placements are:

Also called permanent placements, where children and young people stay in foster care until they become adults.

Brother and Sister placements are:

Foster placements where brothers and sisters live together so that they continue to enjoy their sibling relationship.

Parent and Child placements are:

Where foster carers care for both parent and children.

Short Break placements are:

Where approved foster carers offer placements at regular intervals to offer respite for birth families.

Respite placements are:

Usually offered to the agency foster carers to provide them with respite.

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