Foster carers come from all types of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Here at Elite Fostering, we welcome anyone who meets the criteria below and wishes to pursue a rewarding career in fostering. The process to become a foster carer can take between 4 and 6 months, the timescale is dependent on each applicant’s personal circumstances.

Requirements to Become a Foster Carer

You must be over 21 years old.

You need a spare bedroom.

You must be committed to providing a safe, secure, caring and nurturing home environment for a child or young person in need.

You may be employed or unemployed.

You may be single or a couple.

You will need a good support network of family and friends.

You must pass a Disclosure and Barring Service check, several other checks, a screening assessment, a positive and detailed Form F assessment and a positive recommendation from the Fostering Panel and agreement from the Agency Decision Maker.

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